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Customer Reviews 2014 (Page 4)

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Darryl Stanford (01/2014 Raleigh, NC)

I called Ken on Friday night, and requested service for early the next morning, for a last minute office move. Without hesitation Ken was able to squeeze my job into his busy day. Ken and his staff were on time, and they were very professional. They were very organized, and moved my furniture quickly but handled them with kid gloves. The biggest compliment for this company is that the staff never complained about the job, for I didn’t have all my items nicely organized, and they had to carry eight file cabinets full of files up a flight of steps, and never tried to take any short cuts. I strongly recommend this company and give them an A+. Darryl Stanford, Turning Point Family CARE

Meredith Troutman (03/2014 Raleigh, NC)

I sold a very large and cumbersome 7 piece solid wood desk to a customer who wasn’t able to move it himself. The customer hired Ken’s Pack and Move for the moving service and I was very impressed from the start. They were very professional, took care of each piece by wrapping them in moving pads, secured each piece in the truck and were so careful with moving everything around our home to get it out making sure not to damage any of the desk or anything in my home. I will be using this company in the future for my own moving needs. They were outstanding!!!

Katie L (02/2014 Raleigh, NC)

I highly recommend Ken’s Pack and Move. These guys are friendly, fast, and clearly hard workers. They completed my move (1 bedroom apartment) in about 45 minutes. They were even jogging at times. Moving is hard work, but they had great attitudes. Also, their rates are much better than the other local movers.

Courtney Cates (04/2014 Raleigh, NC)

The two guys that you sent were very hard working and really knew how to pack a truck! Great company to work with, worked hard, good price. I recommend them highly and would use them again in a heartbeat! ~Ava & Courtney

Lucy Blakley (01/2014 Cary, NC)

Ken & Keith were by far the absolute BEST movers I have ever encountered. I had them move a 2 bdrm home out of storage, from the moment they arrived on site, I was completely at ease and I never once doubted their expertise, I was moved into my apartment in just about 90 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised since I am particularly fussy and feel the need to oversee everything.

These guys put me at ease and nicknamed me “BossLady” which is quite fitting, my husband totally agreed with them. They are professional, friendly and courteous, definitely knowledgeable on how to load & unload a truck efficiently and quickly, making our move stress-free. Trustworthy, pleasant and everything other movers are not, expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction + 5 Stars- Love these guys! Definitely would Recommend to everyone!

Sam G (02/2014 Holly Springs, NC)

Talk about dedication to customer service! We called Ken to help us move with only one day’s notice. And unfortunately, the day of our move we were hit with an unusually cold and snowy winter storm. Most of the town shut down. But not Ken’s Pack and Move. They got everything moved quickly and carefully, all while in good humor about the weather. They were very pleasant and professional with great attitudes. I would recommend them again and again!

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