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Customer Reviews 2014 (Page 5)

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Randy Hicks (05/2014 Raleigh, NC)

Ken’s Pack and Move was a great choice for me. They were very careful, efficient and excellent workers. They came in, got the job done and did it very well. If you need a mover, Ken’s Pack and Move should be your first choice.

Dominic Bartelini (03/2014 Raleigh, NC)

Ken and Keith were incredible! I was very impressed with how Ken was prompt, courteous and professional. Being in the property management field, it means everything when people are straight forward with you. When i called Ken to set up the appointment i explained to him that i would need the 24 ft. truck, he asked me to send him a list of the items that needed to be moved, shortly after i sent him my list, he called me back and said that he would be able to fit everything into the 17 ft. truck. That is customer service! From here on out, whenever i move i will be using Ken and his team. Not only that, i will also be giving his business card to every resident that moves out of my property, as well as my new residents. Thank you Ken and Keith!

Katie Morrison (04/2014 Raleigh, NC)

They moved SO fast yet very carefully. I could tell that these guys worked together often and each could anticipate what the other would need or would do next. They covered the appropriate things with moving blankets. The way they packed the truck was amazing. There was quite a bit of creative stacking (but all done very carefully and securely). At no time was I worried about anything being damaged.

I couldn’t have fit as much stuff in that truck if I had superpowers and all day to do it. I’m still amazed. Unpacking went just as smoothly and quickly. My only issue was that they arrived a little late, and we had started to worry. However, once they got started, it didn’t even matter anymore. I still rate them 5 stars. Just don’t try to plan too tight a schedule.. which is good advice for a moving day anyway! I would totally call Ken again. His guys were great.

Jennifer Allen (02/2014 Raleigh, NC)

Ken and his moving partner did an excellent job for me! I have used his services two times now and both times have been great. They were very professional and time efficient, working fast and smooth. I was concerned about my furniture being damaged however not a single item was scratched or damaged! I couldn’t ask for better. I highly recommend Ken’s Pack and Move.

Autumn Elizabeth (01/2014 Cary, NC)

Personally, I hate moving. It’s a total pain, but Ken made part of my move so much easier. Ken & Keith showed up at my condo on time to move all of my furniture & heavy boxes. Both Ken & Keith had a positive attitude the whole time that they were working. They actually made the experience kind of fun. None of my items were damaged in the move. I have started unpacking, and I have not come across one broken piece. Moving isn’t cheap, but it is hard work. I would use Ken’s Pack & Move again as well as recommend them to others.

Mark C (03/2014 Holly Springs, NC)

Fair price FAST service even for living on the third floor. No damage to anything . Will definintely use these guys again if I move!

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