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Josh W. (10/5/2013 Raleigh, NC)

(Raleigh Moving Services) Let me tell you how amazing Ken and Nick are. The movers I had hired left me hanging on Monday and I called Ken’s Pack & Move at 5pm and they were able to come at the drop of a dime. I thought there was no way I could find a company that could come at the end of the day without any notice, but to my surprise and thankfulness I found Ken’s.

They were so professional and took amazing care of all my stuff. The two of them were able to move my entire house in a short amount of time and for a great price. I was so lucky to find these guys and would recommend them over any moving company in Raleigh. Whether you are moving just down the street or out of state this company can do it for you for the best price and professionalism. Such nice people and they really enjoy what they do and are happy to help people out in the stressful situation that moving can be. I’ve had a great experience with Ken’s Pack & Move and will use them again anytime I move or when friends ask me what movers they should hire…I will always recommend these guys.

John O. (09/29/2013 Raleigh, NC)

(Raleigh Moving Services) These guys quoted me the cheapest price among all the movers I contacted, and turned out to be the best movers I’ve ever had. They showed up on time, were nice guys, and were able to move a sofa bed upstairs that other movers in the past had said was impossible to do.

Justin S. (08/17/2013 Durham, NC)

(Durham Moving Services) I hired Ken’s at the last minute a few weeks ago off CraigsList. Even though I gave them very little time to prepare they were still on time with a truck. They carefully moved all of my furniture and some boxes from my apartment into their truck, drove to my storage facility, and somehow fit everything back in the unit.

They took extra care to ensure my plasma TV did not get damaged along the way. Throughout the whole experience they were helpful and courteous. As an added bonus, Ken is also very funny and helps to keep things light and moving along in a potentially stressful situation. Based on my experience with Ken’s Pack and Move I would strongly recommend them to anybody and would look nowhere else for my next move.

Jay T. (08/14/2013 Morrisville, NC)

(Morrisville Moving Services) Great experienced movers. Who likes to move?? Ken came by and moved all my stuff to a storage unit nearby in Cary. He knows what he is doing. I would definitely use him again in the future! Thank you

Kevin S. (08/12/2013 Apex, NC)

(Apex Moving Services) I hired Ken’s Pack and Move from Craigslist and they moved my furniture from a 2-bedroom apt. in Raleigh to a private house in Durham. I was very impressed with the care they took in wrapping all of my furniture before loading it on the truck and the efficiency with which they did their work.

For a 2-man crew, they moved 2 bedroom sets, a dining room and living room set without wasting time and they were able to work on my schedule… I highly recommend them! The fact that Ken handles his business within State regulations is also very reassuring!

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