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Karla Compton (12/13/2013 Raleigh, NC)

(Raleigh Moving Services) My family and I were switching houses and really needed the help to swap the furniture. These guys were fantastic, friendly, and professional! They worked hard and were able to move our very heavy furniture quickly. We have worked with them before and they were just as helpful and professional. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs help moving!

Arthur S. (11/18/2013 Raleigh, NC)

(Raleigh Moving Services) Ken & Nick came and carried out a rather difficult move. I had purchased two gorgeous display case, with lots of brass, glass, and mirrors, so they were fragile, yet very heavy. They removed as much of the glass and mirrors as possible and wrapped everything up. At my house they reversed the wrapping and the pieces look great in my dining room! They are both very strong and knowledgeable about how to move through tight doorways. I highly recommend their service! I plan to use them again, as I will do some re-painting, and I’ll need them to move furniture at first away from the wall, paint, and then move the furniture back. Each gentleman has a pleasant personality, was courteous, and showed a great sense of humor! So I plan to ask for their services again!

Tamika C. (11/14/2013 Holly Springs, NC)

(Holly Springs Moving Services) Perfect service!! Fast and Friendly, great personalities! Would definitely hire them again! ZERO Complaints. Very satisfied.

Taya B. (11/7/2013 Durham, NC)

(Durham Moving Services) I recommend Ken’s Pack and Move. My other movers did not show up on the day of my move so I was panicking. Looked on craigslist and found their number, they were at my apartment 45 minutes later. They moved my apartment in Durham by Brier Creek and had me all set up in my new apartment in Raleigh almost 20 mins away in just a little over 2 hours. Prices are good and they were very quick.

Marc S. (10/25/2013 Cary, NC)

(Cary Moving Services) Excellent service on local move to Cary. Both guys were very professional and worked fast. I will use them again and recommend them to anyone in need of a fast and affordable move. No issues with loading or unloading. Very happy.

Jandy S. (10/21/2013 Holly Springs, NC)

(Holly Springs Moving Services) I was at the END OF MY ROPE, and needed help at the last minute unloading our truck at our new house. I called Ken, and he gave me a fair price immediately over the phone. His guys showed up hours later, ready to work. When they got out of their car I wanted to cry and hug them, I was so relieved! Two big, strong guys that worked their butts off for us. Huge help! Thank you guys!

Joe C. (10/14/2013 Knightdale, NC)

(Knightdale Moving Services) After just moving to Knightdale I found a pool table in a bar that was renovating that I wanted to buy but the only way I could buy it was if I could get it moved right away as demo was starting in 2 days. I turned to Craigs List and quickly found Ken’s ad. I gave him a call and Ken answered and was able to give me a price over the phone and commit to picking up the table just a few hours from when I called. They showed up right on time, called in advance to let me know they were on their way, and carefully disassembled and moved the table. They delivered it to my house and took every precaution possible to make sure nothing on the table or in my house was damaged. The table arrived perfectly and was ready to use within a few hours. The price was very competitive and the service was perfect. I would highly recommend Ken’s moving services to anyone.